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Local Physical therapist, CNAs, RNs, and LPNs at your fingertips when you need them

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Linda Cole
Applied Nurses has been awesome with their services i was able to be hired after only a few days of signing up today mark my 10 months and everything have been perfect.
Amber HallL
"I would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a company that really cares about their staff, works with their schedule, and has genuine people working for them!"
Betty Langer
"I've been with applied nurses for 4  months. And I can say I love working with them. They make you feel a part of a family and a part of something bigger than yourself. Along with being able to be your boss to work with a flexible schedule is something not a lot of places offer. I'm sure you can benefit from this place like I have.."
Judy Abel
"This company offers a variety of programs and services to support their employees. From paid time off during illness to financial and health literacy classes, Applied Nurses truly has its employees’ best interests at heart."
Daniel Hankle
“Love it! It's helped me find new opportunities within a few few days i love this company.”
Konnor robbins
"I was hired by Maxim Straight out of nursing school through their phenomenal novice nurse program. the clinical supervisors mentored me through the beginning stages of my nursing career without the 6 month experience"
Mary Davis
"Am going on 2 years of experience as LVN. From hospital to LTC to working under other agencies, Applied Nurses stands out. No other employer has been as professional they have been."
Donna White
“The oversight and guidance, as well as the supplemental training the provided me was crucial to getting me started comfortably and safely working in the home health field. the staff has been friendly, courteous, and diligent in ensuring both and, and those i worked with were happy with both scheduling, and staffing requirements to provide both the best possible working environment, and care.”
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